Movie Night!

What: Dank Movie Night is a time on the weekend when we gather up and watch some dank movie. These are generally NOT good movies.

They may be so-bad-its-good but they are not Oscar-winners. These are typically found during Grindhouse Trailer bits on Ann's stream but also suggested from elsewhere. Dank movies are ideally from the 60s/70s/80s, but occasionally from the 90s. A few REALLY bad ones may come from post-2000.

When: Usually Saturdays at 6pm US Central.

Next Planned Movie Night:

Where: Info is in the pinned messages on Discord.



What movies can we watch?

Dank movies. These are typically old and not good. If you saw it in a theater, odds are it's not dank. Sometimes they are surprisingly good -- we usually don't know until we watch them.

Please note that all movies are assumed to be rated R, regardless of their actual rating. There may be nudity, gore, questionable acting, bad puns, nonexistent plots, or Sean Connery in a red thong. Caveat emptor.

DO NOT SPOIL MOVIES. Not before, not during. Just because they may be old movies doesn't mean that everybody has seen them. It will be rare for any given movie to not have at least one person who hasn't seen it before. Even if it's your absolute favorite movie in the world, act like you've never seen it and remember how it was the first time you saw it.

How are movies chosen?

Typically, a movie is discovered during Grindhouse Trailers, or sometimes suggested elsewhere. Once it's vetted, it is then added to The List.

The List consists of all unwatched movies. Any movie in the list that is crossed-out means it's in the List, but currently unavailable.

When a movie is watched, 3 random movies are selected from the movies in the List. A Strawpoll is created and posted in Discord. Over the following week, those movies are voted on. The winner is watched the next weekend. In case of a tie, it's Streamer's Choice to determine the winner.

Can we watch INSERT_MOVIE?

Potentially. Movie suggestions are checked to ensure that they're the right kind of movie and that they're not too adult and are actually interesting in a dank way. Ask in Discord, but keep in mind there is no guarantee, and new movies get put in the List so it may be a while.

How do we watch?

We use Neko to run movie night. If you remember the old site, it works the same way.

Things of note:

  • Neko is not currently mobile-friendly. Supposedly Chrome Mobile works fine but I have not confirmed this.
  • Chrome and Firefox are best, and the new Edge (with the Chromium backend) is probably good too. Old Edge, Safari, IE (why are you using IE), etc will probably result in issues.
  • You can turn off the annoying chat ping by clicking on Settings in the top right and disabling it there.
  • If you constantly get disconnected, go to Settings then logout, reload the site and log back in. Neko's weird about that.

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